Scarf Week!

While the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is designed to demystify the world of sharks, we’ll be exploring a sometimes perplexing accessories animal this week–the Scarf!

To debunk some of the myths surrounding scarves (“they’re hard to tie,” “I don’t know which kind to wear,” “should they match or contrast my outfit?”), I’ve decided to celebrate Scarf Week, during which I’ll introduce different types of scarves, ways to tie them, and how to pair them with your favorite ensembles.

I hope you’ll celebrate with me!

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4 thoughts on “Scarf Week!

  1. Kelsi says:

    Yay Scarf Week!! And I love that purple pom-pom scarf…good choice! 😉 Excited for the post later this week!

  2. Allison Morris says:

    I love infinity scarfs!(necklace & scarf combined = whats not to love!)… I actually always tried to find out what they were called & did not know until you just informed me! Great info!

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