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THE Scarf

Okay, so I can’t do a series of posts on scarves without at least mentioning THE scarf–an Hermes.

According to Nina Garcia (author of The One Hundred), an Hermes scarf is sold somewhere in the world every twenty-five seconds. That’s particularly amazing considering the crazy-intricate process a 90-cm-square piece of silk endures before it leaves the design house sporting the famous “H” (you can find a full run-down of the process in Garcia’s aforementioned book).

If, like me, your current budget doesn’t allow you to be a member of this (no doubt elated) scarf-aquisition party, there’s much to be said for simply observing and appreciating the level of quality that results from design with such intention.

When it comes to forming your personal style, study the best to familiarize yourself with great craftsmanship and design.  Then it will be easier for you to spot these qualities wherever you find them (whether or not they are stamped with an H).

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Casual Polish Scarf

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Scarves + tees= a perfect pair

A skinny, painterly scarf tied in a half-bow adds a dash of style to a simple grey tee but allows you to stay cool in the summer heat.

A sparkly cowl in the same color as your top adds subtle warmth in a chilly movie theatre.

A large scarf is grab-and-go style for the weekend, and the more uncontrived it looks, the better.

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More easy scarves

The coral print of this scarf is displayed nicely in the “Waterfall” style showcased in Wendy’s video earlier this week.

A square neckerchief tied in a simple knot complements an asymmetrical neckline.


Add a small dose of animal print (here, a comfy jersey fabric provides a casual counterpoint to a more dressy silk shell).

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Scarves are THIS easy!

Adding a scarf in the same color family as your jacket is an easy, sophisticated way to add some depth to your outfit.

Add a dose of femininity to a boxy jacket by adding a frilly, lacy scarf.

I love pairing a bright color with navy, and this green pashmina is a warm alternative to a trench on Florida fall days. The concept could just as easily work with red, raspberry pink, hot pink, bright yellow, or turquoise.

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Wendy’s Scarf-tying Tutorial

Before I discovered this tutorial from Wendy’s Lookbook, I relied mostly on the plain old “toss” for wearing my scarves. Now I’ve got all sorts of options!

Bonus: At the end of the video, you can get a slower tutorial of each tie by clicking on its tile.

Try one out today!

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Scarf Week!

While the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is designed to demystify the world of sharks, we’ll be exploring a sometimes perplexing accessories animal this week–the Scarf!

To debunk some of the myths surrounding scarves (“they’re hard to tie,” “I don’t know which kind to wear,” “should they match or contrast my outfit?”), I’ve decided to celebrate Scarf Week, during which I’ll introduce different types of scarves, ways to tie them, and how to pair them with your favorite ensembles.

I hope you’ll celebrate with me!

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